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By December 16, 2009Nat-news

At long last, finally has gotten a bit of love from one of the critics groups – The Chicago Film Critics Association.

They have released their list of nominations and Natalie joins Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick, Mo’Nique and Julianne Moore in being nominated in the supporting actress category.

Chicago looked past other favorites popping up here and there like Penelope Cruz (Nine) and Samantha Morton (The Messenger) and produced a real surprise. No stranger to the occasional left field pleasantry like their inclusion of Ellen DeGeneres (2003 – Finding Nemo) and Leslie Mann (2007 – Knocked Up), the CFCA this year nominated Natalie Portman in Brothers, joining its two Golden Globe nominations yesterday for her on-again/off-again dead husband Tobey Maguire and U2’s closing theme for the film.

Congrats Natalie.


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  • hittheheart says:

    what up with Natalie and that guy she was with. do you guys think its fizzled or just laying low? no news is good news right?

  • Jenski says:

    That’s great! It’s not a huge award so I can’t see her taking any swipes for landing a nomination, and it’s recognition for her work so: yay.

    I thought she was something of a lightning rod in Brothers so I could see a c.a. wanting to recognize the performance. I hate how most will only recognize the same five or six actresses/actors like there aren’t enough worthy performances and awards to go around. Now, if I could just get more people to watch Julia…….