Thor Denies

By December 23, 2009Nat-news

Well that was quick. Chris Hemsworth has gone on twitter and denied that earlier rumour that he and Natalie are dating…well, assuming you believe that if they were dating he would know about it.

Apparently I am dating Natalie Portman. Crazy, didn’t know that….


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  • nephi says:

    I hope she’s dating that guy from early November. If only because he’s unknown which resulted in zero press about their relationship.

    Also I really, really loved Natalie in Brothers. Her portrayal was very realistic, very natural. She didn’t go for any of those expected big, actory moments. I really apreciated that. Oh and she has the sexiest bedhead ever!!

  • jenr1215 says:

    dating a gyuy younger than her gross (to me)

    i doubt its true anyway. she walks next to a stranger down the street, and theyr dating.

  • iluciouz says:

    no shes dating james franco! hahah jk now such a couple would do good to the eyes!

  • omgzrachel says:

    Who is Franco dating? They would be a pretty hot couple, ngl.

  • dazza says:

    Good luck to whoever has to wake up and see Franco’s Joker smile greeting them in the mornings.

    I like the guy and think he CAN look really handsome as hell, but half the time he freaks me out.

  • dazza says:

    I’m hoping for some Danny Mcbride dating rumours to surface.