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By January 4, 2010Nat-news

I didn’t expect to do another Brothers box office update, expecting it to lose more screens and start to steadily slide off the map. But it rose two spots to 12th position on the charts and actually made a bit more than the previous weekend. It’s now at $27.5 million.


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  • WanderinRoy says:

    Well, “Brothers” hasn’t exactly beat the curse of Afghan/Iraq war themed movies, but it certainly has out performed all the others. “Hurt Locker” made about 12 million, “Stop-Loss” made around 11 million, “Rendition” 10 million, and “Home of the Brave”, which seems to be the closest in tone to “Brothers” made a paltry 50 thousand dollars. “Brothers” will come close to taking in as much as all four of those movies put together. I don’t know if Tobey’s GG nomination will generate a little extra business or not. A few more people might see the clips from the movie during the Globes and decide to go see the film.

    I will be curious to see how the film does in the foreign markets. “Closer” made more than twice as much outside the US as it did here. Of the other four Afghan/Iraq films, only “Rendition” made any money overseas.

  • dazza says:

    Yeah, its done very nicely for himself – without becoming any kind of phenomenon. Will probably be one of the top grossing dramas of the year. If they can match the US number overseas, everyone will be smiling indeed.