Brothers Round Up

Carlotto and Spoonbat have found a few Brothers news items and I thought I’d lump them all into one update.

Film 2010 with Jonathan Ross looks at Brothers, which opens in the UK tomorrow. Nothing majorly new but you might want to check it out. Part 1 is here and part 2 is here.

There is a new interview with Jim Sheridan, which has the following Natalie mention.

“The problem with Natalie is that she’s so beautiful that people don’t forgive her for her beauty in a way. They’re like, ‘Would you have a woman that beautiful with a marine?’ I have to tell you when we went round the army bases there were knockout girls everywhere. It’s just a preconception that middle-class people have about ordinary people, but there’s a lot of beautiful girls. I think she acquitted herself really well – she’s very good in the movie.”

And lastly, even though there’s not much mention of Natalie, another really interesting interview with Sheridan can be found here. Really like his take on accents in film as well.