Ah, yes, mini updates. Short in stature but long in…the groin? I dunno what the hell I’m talking about. Here are some updates.

– A blogger’s 50 Most Beautiful Women list includes a personal anecdote. Not quite up to date on the dating news though…

I met Natalie Portman by accident about two years ago in a trainer/sneaker shop in Brick Lane, East London and in the flesh she is radiant and flawless, she has amazing skin and a personality that is so down to earth and normal and that self assured attitude makes her sexiness bewilder you. Someone again who has grown up in the media eye and even has a degree from Harvard. Beauty and Brains and now dates Devandra Bernhardt, who is an amazing conscious musician!

– Black Swan is currently shooting “in the vicinity of Eastern Parkway and Washington Ave in Brooklyn (near Brooklyn Museum).”

– An interesting read about the current climate around Indie films and amidst it all there’s a brief mention about Hesher’s acquisition.