Heard Through The Grapevine

Before I post about Natalie’s latest public appearance, here are some comments the Rodarte and Baryshnikov appearances.

Style.com on Rodarte:

Natalie Portman lingered upstairs with her boyfriend, that day’s Rodarte show still on her mind. “It was magic, especially when they came out in the glowing heels,” she enthused. The gorgeous invitations had been hand-dipped in wax—but that was news to Portman, who only recalled getting hers by e-mail. “Now I’m going to make them give me one!”

Then there were also some tweets from someone who attended the Baryshnikov after party.

-NP’s new boytoy has even worse hair than the last one…Millepied was sporting a strange tryin’-to-cover-baldspot look last night.

-I thought you’d like that I was about 10 feet away from Nats french-kissing a dude. Josh Bell wasn’t too happy about it = shunning

-ok.So NP was making out at the dinner table (Jerome Robbins event thing) with new beau Millepied, w/Josh Bell (her ex) 2 seats away

Her ex? That would be news to me.