Landmark & IFC Screenings

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And we ended this intense day with Natalie’s attendance at a couple of Q&A´s following the screenings of “Eating Animals” at the Landmark Theater 57 West and the IFC Center in NYC:

Another eye-opening and truly beautiful film about the horrific and inhumane reality of factory farming led by corporations (that most people who eat meat won’t watch because we’ll it’s inconvenient). It’s outrageous that’s what it is. From the second these animals are born to the second they die to become meat, it’s a slow agony and constant pain, it’s unacceptable and inexcusable to look the other way. People vote 3 times a day with their forks. Each day, people decide to be accomplice of those who exploit, torture and murder for profit. Always maximizing profit. It’s 2018: there are alternatives. No excuses. * * * * * @eatinganimals @christopher_quinn @natalieportman @beyondmeat @usda @tysonfoods @perduechicken @kfc * * * #natalieportman #christopherquinn #beyondmeat #vegan #veganlife #vegans #factoryfarming #environmentalist #environmentalprotection #sustainableagriculture #sustainablefarmingpractices #meatlessmonday #protectourwaterways #animalsarenotfood #animalwelfare

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