Ben Spills

Ben Millepied has an interview up on COS in which he confirms that he’s dating Natalie (there are still people who didn’t believe it and probably still won’t after this) and reveals a funny little family nugget. But he starts off by talking about Black Swan…

BM: It’s quite a complex and multilayered psychological thriller. My role in it is not only to train the actors, but to make a believable work, with lots of movement in the upper body, which is what you’ll see best on camera. I have to keep it traditional but make it relate to the story and make sure it can be photographed beautifully. I’m also in the movie as a dancer and as an actor.

AL: And I’m sure you know that it has been reported on all the blogs that you are dating Natalie Portman, right? You’d better get used to having paparazzi follow you around.

BM: ( laughs ) Oh, shit. I know. The news just broke. But I’m not even going to think about that right now. She’s amazing. It was funny, because I’ve been getting so many emails from people I hadn’t told. And Natalie was worried that she was going to be photographed by the paparazzi.

AL: Why worried? Is she ashamed of you?

BM: No, but her mother doesn’t know that she’s smoking right now.

Tsk tsk, Natalie 😀