World Of Warcraft

I should have gotten Kris to do this update, as I am a total WoW virgin. I have no idea if this makes sense but bare with me. In the popular game there is a quest in the Gnome land of Gnomeregan (do they start all their city names with Gnome?), that results in the prize of a card when you win it. On the card are binary messages and one of them is about Natalie…

The messages on the punch cards range from silly scrawlings like “Thrall and Jaina sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G”, to advertisements like “Tell your friends to play WoW” and “Play more WoW”, likely references to the “Drink More Ovaltine” gag from the classic film A Christmas Story.

My favourite hidden message of the lot is the not-so-cryptic “Natalie Portman Rocks”. I tend to agree, and having it spelled out in binary makes the message so much more sincere.