Thor Insight

Lodovico spotted a great interview with a Marvel insider over at Latino Review. There’s some great details that emerge, including exactly what happened with Stuart Townsend losing the role of Fandral – what an ass.

Obviously, for those who don’t want to know anything about the film, this article dips its toes into spoiler infested waters. But here are two tidbits that are safe for everyone.

Natalie Portman should be heading there (Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach) soon, she just finished Black Swan and has just started shooting her scenes in New Mexico.

When might we finally see a teaser trailer?

Probably at Comic Con. The scheduled release is date is May 6, 2011. I think that’s the actual release date, handed down from Marvel. They could put it in front of the new Iron Man 2 movie, but that’s this May and a little too soon.