Crafts For A Cause

By March 16, 2010Nat-news

The Crafts For A Cause auction, that we first mentioned about a month ago, is now open. A bunch of celebs have contributed unique items for the auction, with 100% of the proceeds going to help the recovery in Haiti.

Natalie signed and donated a pair of ballet slippers that she wore during Black Swan. If Black Swan becomes an iconic flick, those slippers could prove to be very valuable indeed. So click the image to go to the auction page.


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  • larsdk says:

    ill make a bid at the last day if its not over 1000$

    Her DNA is on those shoes so I can clone her.

  • dazza says:


    I’ll gladly sign a pair of my boxers for a $1000 donation to the site. Any takers? *cough*

  • rockla says:

    i’ll autograph my underwear and auction it off. but i need the money for myself, i’m not rich 🙁