Post Oscar Tidbits

You know the drill so let’s turn it on.

– Let’s begin with the story of NY’s elite bartenders putting together cocktails to honour Oscar nominees. Natalie’s drink sounds pretty complicated and below is just a brief excerpt of the full spiel.

Mr. Rockey took the feathers part to heart. His Natalie not only included frothed egg white — the indirect bequest of a bird — but also involved a feathery design on its surface. As for duality, the drink had discernible layers: the top white one and, below it, a well of dark red. Mr. Rockey accomplished this by using a funnel to channel red wine into the bottom of the drink.

– Darren Aronofsky has another nice new quote about Natalie.

“I’m just glad people are recognizing her, and seeing all the great work she’s done and people around the world are paying money to see her.”

– Roger Ebert was also really happy about Natalie’s Oscar triumph.

Also expected, Natalie Portman’s victory as best actress for “Black Swan.” She just plain made me feel good while she glowed during her acceptance speech. I’ve been watching her since she was 14, and she had the gift right from the beginning. It must have something to do with character.

– Were you left wondering why Natalie thanked Michelle Rodriguez at the Oscars? Well, has the scoop.

As we scratched our heads, we looked into it and found out that Portman wasn’t referring to the star of Machete and Girlfight, but rather to Michelle Rodriguez Nouel, a physical therapist who appeared in the film, and helped Natalie nurse a dislocated rib she sustained while shooting the film.

Aronofsky reportedly forced Portman to stay in character after she was injured, and later claimed that the Oscar-winning actress is undergoing an actual physical therapy session in one scene with the real physical therapist, Michelle Rodriguez.

It’s not often that an actress thanks her physical therapist when she wins an Oscar, so that was super classy of Natalie! As she noted, there are a ton of people who work on films who never receive the kind of recognition they deserve.

– Lastly, Oscar blogger Anne Thompson has mentioned that she made a $10 bet with Aronofsky that Natalie would NOT win Best Actress. I’m glad she got that one wrong.