Aaaand We’re Back

Did you miss me?

Please read on after the jump.

Those who joined our new Facebook group, which I will try to keep active and will serve as the backup port of call if the site is ever down in future, are up to date with what we’ve been going through. For those who are still in the dark, allow me to fill you in.

Last week a kind soul was able to hack into our root server and use our tools to format the hard drive. Obviously, at a certain point the server crashed and with so much gone we could not boot off it anymore.

Kris and I both feel some responsibility for the next problem, the fact that our last full site backup was in March, but I think we can objectively point the finger at Kris’ kid for his dad being too busy of late. Thanks a lot, kiddo.

So right now we’re investigating whether we can recover the database before the crash. Right now its looking like too expensive a risk to take – we’d have to buy the drive and ups it to a site friend who MAY be able to help in Germany…perhaps if someone Stateside has recovered deleted data from linux systems…

If we can’t get it back, it will mean that the 8 months are lost 🙁

We can’t set up the site on our old server until we have a decision/conclusion on the search for the holy grail database. So, in the interim period, we have set up this 8 month old backup to be hosted by Kris.

After this update, which will remain stickied at the top of the page for awhile, I’m going to set about putting up the latest news. Just be aware that things might be a little slow and wonky for now.

A big thank you for the patience, help and support from everyone. Kris and I were so gutted on Friday that we were actually asking ourselves whether we should maybe just call it quits. But the response was so positive on the Facebook group that we got over our sulking pretty quickly.

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A huge thanks to those who have already shown some love.

Now its time to get updating.