Swan Lands Strong

The early Friday Box Office estimates are out, and it looks as though Black Swan pulled in around $300k. It should get close to $1 million for the weekend, which is incredibly strong for such a limited release – just 18 theatres.


UPDATE – Make that $420k. Here’s what Dave Poland had to say.

Black Swan is looking at the best exclusive release numbers of 2010 with what looks to be an over $70k per screen for the weekend in 14 screens. The number is very similar to the launch of Up In The Air last year… the biggest difference being that $84m domestic was a bit of a disappointment for the Clooney movie and would be an epic success for this low budget psycho thriller. (Headline suggestion for indieWIRE…. “Psycho Thriller, Qu’est-ce que c’est!!!”) When you look at this month, Black Swan could be the Juno of the season for Searchlight, meaning that it could become the must-see movie for girls in a market that is light of fare for them.