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Rachel and I are a bit iffy on the new Vogue shoot, but I sense most think its a really great set of photos. Well, let’s put it to the test in a new poll. Quite simply, is it one of the greats or one we’ll soon forget about?

The Vogue Poll

As for the Thor poll, only half of the voters had a positive impression of the trailer. A film that definitely has a lot of convincing to do before its May release. Results after the jump.

The Thor trailer is…

A mixed bag – 31.1% (28 votes)

Fun – 27.8% (25 votes)

Remarkable – 22.2% (20 votes)

Disappointing – 12.2% (11 votes)

Terrible – 6.7% (6 votes)


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  • omgzrachel says:

    The shoot is nice, I just feel like the theme of Natalie Portman Lounges Around Some Hotel Room in Couture has been a bit overdone.