Swan Expands Some More

By December 23, 2010Nat-news

Box Office Mojo are reporting that Black Swan will expand to almost 1500 theatres on Friday. I wonder if this might be the final expansion or if they plan to keep rolling it out. I guess the weekend numbers will probably decide one way or the other, so drag your family and friends to the cinema for an alternative holiday experience.

Whatever happens, at almost $20 million it is already a financial success as well as a critical one.


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  • revrezner says:

    i enjoyed it the first time. and will be seeing it at least 2 more times.

  • #1NatPortfan says:

    There are people seeing the movie more than once.As long as people go and see the movie it will continue to be a success at the box office,and continue to build and keep up the buzz it has created which will benefit Natalie at the long run regarding the big awards.

  • omgzrachel says:

    I definitely want to go see it again, but I don’t want to fight all the holiday crowds. Maybe next year.

  • kafinsmif says:

    I definitely have dragged my friends to it, but my family…? Some of them would love it, some would hate it, but I don’t really want to watch it with any of them. ha

  • jesslv74 says:

    It’s been at our theater since the 17th. I hope I get a chance to see it before it is taken out…maybe next week. My husband doesn’t want to see it again and I can’t find anyone else who wants to go see it, so I guess I’ll be going it alone. Feel kinda like a loser, but it’s worth seeing again.