Pregnant And Engaged

By December 27, 2010Nat-news

No, that isn’t a film title. Natalie’s representatives have confirmed to People that Natalie is indeed engaged to Benjamin Millepied and they are expecting a child.

Wow. Natalie will just do anything to get that Oscar won’t she ๐Ÿ˜‰

Seriously though, huge congratulations to Natalie and Ben. I really hope this is one of the rare celebrity marriages that last the distance.

Clone…sorry bud. The war is over.


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  • kuyaglen says:


  • DavidK says:

    Well… that was unexpected. Good luck to them. I don’t know that much about showbiz protocol, but is it very common for a talent’s rep to “reveal” such a thing?

    Random question: does anyone know if Millepied’s Jewish?

  • Chauster says:

    holy shit

  • celia says:

    Called it! I’m sure her daddy can’t wait to guide her through the pregnancy. Can’t ask for a better father in that scenario. Congrats to Natalie and Ben. They seem great together and very much in love. YAY NATALIE!

  • celia says:

    And no, I doubt highly that Ben is Jewish. But he could be. Can’t seem to find out. He is French though, which lowers the chances.

  • celia says:

    @Davidk it is very common protocol for your rep to publish such information. Natalie doesn’t tweet herself, doesn’t run her own site, that’s how she let’s the world know. Good on her.

  • huc says:

    Congratulations Natalie!

  • Lina1 says:

    WOW! No wonder she’s looked so healthy lately. I don’t know if anyone else thought this, but I thought lately she’s been looking her healthiest (and best) since her teen years. Congrats to her and Millepied, that’s just wonderful. She has great taste, Ben Millepied’s gorgeous and a wonderfully talented artist in his own right. (And David K, I have no idea if he’s Jewish, but he very well might be. I just know that he’s french)

  • jesslv74 says:

    I actually feel kinda sad. Don’t know why. I guess I was hoping she’d go the “traditional route.” Married, then kids. Congrats and good luck to them both.

  • rockla says:

    Woah! I just read this on and had to come on here to double check. That’s crazy. Seems so sudden, but i guess they’ve been going out for over a year now, right?

  • iluciouz says:

    I Knew she looked pregnant!

  • Ashmiester says:

    I screamed “NOOOOOOO!” when I read that.

    I can’t imagine having a baby at that juncture in a career.

  • arf15beagle says:

    Worst. Christmas. Ever.

  • jdaborn89 says:


  • achtung_natalie says:

    I just died a little inside

  • lanie says:

    Congratulations to Natalie and Benjamin. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • anda says:

    Oh my! Congratulations to Natalie!

  • rockla says:

    @Ashmiester Maybe she feels like she’s reached her peak, and now she wants to settle down and start a family.

    I just didn’t know that ballerina Ben had it in him ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • DavidK says:

    It just seems a little odd for Nat to make this sort of thing public in such a way, especially without any rumours circulating. It just seems unnecessary. I’m not sure pregnancy ever needs to be announced; at a certain point it’s obvious, and that ought to be sufficient. I’m a tiny bit suspicious. We’ll see.

    I’m depressed. Dunno why…

  • natness says:

    My celebrity crush for the last 15 years… something has just died in me.

    But in the real world, I think Iยดm supposed to be happy for her ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • shoe89 says:

    omg this is awesome…natalie is going to be a mommy…wootness

  • DavidK says:

    Also, given that she hates talking about her personal life, it’s going to be interesting to see how she copes with all the intrusive questioning during the promotional work for her upcoming releases. Her pregnancy will no doubt be addressed in every interview she has, and they’re not likely to pretend the baby hasn’t a father. I can’t recall Nat being quizzed about a specific love interest before…

  • emoss says:

    damn! just playing FB games then browsing till get this news, almost make me get heart attack! T_T i wish she make smart move but this?…preg first & just get enga…i hope she doesn’t get hurt in the future since. {i’m thinking about the baby though}

  • TrainWreck says:

    Had to check the calendar to make sure this wasn’t an April Fools Day joke.

    Congrats Nat-jamin (or was it Ben-alie?)

  • shawn73 says:

    WOW! This is WONDERFUL news! Congratulations Natalie and Benjamin! Baby is going to be beautiful!!

  • Stefan says:

    Great news!
    Hope everything goes well and I’m looking forward for some nice Photos with Nat & Ben carry her child in NY ๐Ÿ™‚

  • omgzrachel says:

    Wow… Congrats to Nat and Ben!

  • Lodovico Settembrini says:


  • Ashmiester says:

    Maybe, or it’s a big “Oops.”

    Haha, yes, he surprised us all.

  • #1NatPortfan says:

    On november 30 AMO commented here that one of Natalie’s photos from the Ziegfeld Theater’s Black Swan premier showed Natalie as pregnant.Everybody laughed at AMO.Right now AMO must be having the last laugh.”I told you” must be AMO saying.
    @AMO,you were the only one who knew,time has vindicated you.Congrats to Nat and Ben,hope their relationship last and be happy.The best gift the Academy can give Natalie for her wedding and motherhood is to give her that Best Actress Oscar for Black Swan.Hooray!

  • dazza says:

    Yeah, I always laughed off “she’s pregnant” comments because over the past decade it seems its been a constant cycle of “she’s too thin” followed by weeks later “where did that weight come from, she’s pregnant!”

    But well played to those who accurately called it this time.

    I’m kinda furious though, Rachel and I were going to announce are upcoming nuptials and spawn but Natalie has totally stolen our thunder ๐Ÿ™

  • Ashmiester says:


  • a Bit in love says:

    game over man…game over.
    wishing them and all the luck, and sunshiny days.

  • InternNWells24 says:

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! I have screamed this for the past hour!!!! This isn’t good news!!! This is awful!!! I was to Marry that woman!!! Not the overgrown bug!!! I have been stabbed in the heart 5million times over this news!!! I don’t know what to do now…….

  • Lilix says:

    Natalie pregnant ?! I first thought of an April fool’s joke !
    I feel very happy for her. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sak says:

    Congrats to both of them.

  • v4v says:

    Congrats!!!! So happy for her! =D

  • jesslv74 says:

    DavidK…I felt kinda depressed too. I think one of the reasons is b/c she still had all of these potential movies offers coming up that she now cannot accept…I was so excited to see what she would be in next. I wonder if she will pretty much end her movie career. And from what she’s said in the past, this doesn’t sound like it was planned…she always said she wasn’t in any hurry. Like I said before too, I was hoping to see her get married first, not HAVE to get married, which it sounds like she’s doing. I feel like we’re going to lose “this Natalie.” It’s her life though and I guess we shouldn’t judge her.

  • InNatsthrall says:

    I hope Ben knows what he has. The man dances in tights after all.

  • SimonShukla says:

    Congratulations Natalie.

  • Chauster says:

    I have a bad feeling we’re not going to be seeing much of nat on the big screen for a while now….=(

  • shoe89 says:

    she is having a baby and getting married. guys she is not retiring from acting. she still has plenty of projects that are coming out. if she wants to she can still do movies after the baby is born. we should be happy and not feeling depressed. this is something that is going to effect Natalie’s work life in a positive way.

  • omgzrachel says:

    Haha, seriously, shoe. What’s with all the doom and gloom? Angelina Jolie has a whole brood of kids and she’s still acting and directing. It may slow her career down a bit, but it’s not ~the end~

  • Mockingbird says:

    Woah! This is such a surprise! She’s the very last star I expected to hear this about. Honestly, I hope they are engaged for the right reasons and not just because she’s pregnant but from the suddeness of the dual announcement it sounds like a shotgun engagement. Congratulations to them anyway and I hope it lasts.

    jesslv74: I know what you mean about her career. This could have been the most fruitful period of her career but now it looks like she’ll be out of the spotlight for a while. Her agent must have been banging her head against a wall when she heard the news.

  • imakemloose69 says:

    My heart has been pulled out, stomped on and is in a million of pieces. Nat was supposed to be the love of my life!!! Now going to kill my slef.

    Congrats to both of them. I wish them all the best.

  • WanderinRoy says:

    My theory is this: Natalie’s mom & dad got tired of waiting for a grandchild. Since Natalie’s father is a fertility doctor, he slipped a little something in the holiday pumpkin pie. If he is good at his job, he would have his “ways”. I just wonder if Dr. Hershlag planted more than one bun in that oven.

    Natalie the octomom!

    What it all comes down to, is I hope that all this makes Natalie very happy. As long as she is happy, I can be happy for her.

  • life_is_a_cereal says:

    What horrible timing. If she wins Best Actress, her marriage is fucked. Hope it works out though, obviously.

  • jesslv74 says:

    I guess depressed is the wrong word…maybe disappointed in some respect? It’s been so great seeing and hearing about her being in upcoming roles so soon and now we’re gonna miss that. Like the possible role in Batman. I know she can come back and do movies after she has a baby. For some reason I just don’t feel like it’ll be the same though. I also feel silly that I’m overreacting the way I am because even though she’s a popular actress and we are all big fans, she is still a regular person just like everyone else. In the same vein tho, when you hear of a couple getting engaged and having a baby at the same time, it’s almost like they’re trapped…there was really no decision and most likely an accident, so they just want to do the right thing. Of course I would be wrong. Can anyone take a guess at how far along she is? I wonder if she’ll be showing by the Globes.

  • a.g says:

    ;))first know your friend then say your secrets to….happy that i knew…and you knew …it was not so hard

  • beatsbroken says:

    ummm… a few weeks ago I joked with my friends that she looked pregnant at the Black Swan NYC premiere because she was holding her clutch in front of her stomach like her life depended on it and her face looked a lot fuller! I’m happy for her! I bet she’ll be a great mom. Not sure I can say the same about her marriage, but maybe her and Ben will prove us all wrong!

  • celia says:

    I’m with Shoe and Rachel here…many celebrities have babies and continue on with great careers. Beautiful young women, too. She’s 29 years old and has every right to start a family. I find all this speculation on “shot gun wedding” and whatnot to be pretty rude. Don’t rely on what Natalie has said in the past. She has discussed that very issue by saying that people still bother her over not being an astronaut since she said it once at 14. Michelle Williams is getting great work and has not a baby, but a full on toddler with a deceased father! She has many movies coming out and if she wants some time for maternity leave let her have it. Think of if she or her family are reading this (I hope, btw, the internet did not break the news to her fam)…be respectful and happy for her because she is happy!

  • spoonbat says:

    Congrats! But I hope this doesn’t mean the end of her career.

    Could be wrong but a lot of actresses who have kids give it up.

    It’s not like she needs the money.

  • nuria says:

    This is shocking. When I read it I actually gasped.

    What can I say, I feel kind of depressed – and for once I kind of know exactly why. An era has “ended”. Young, unattached, carefree Natalie is gone ๐Ÿ™‚ The girl of Leon, Star Wars, V for Vendetta, SNL skit, etc. she’s gone (or is going to be, anyway) – and for some reason this makes me kind of sad.

    I wish her all the best with her marriage and the new baby. I’ll admit it looks kind of awkward, this joint engagement+baby announcement. Still, I’m sure she’ll be an excellent, excellent mother.

    (Imagine if they were twins. Just kidding, just kidding :D)

  • Lina1 says:

    Am I the only woman here (besides Rachel) who is annoyed by people saying this will end her career? She’s a grown up at 29, not 19 and in the spirit of egalite (equality): if a man becomes a father, I don’t think anyone worries it will end his career. Or Millepied’s dance career, for that matter. Besides, plenty of famous actresses have children and still work all the time: Rachel Weisz, Amy Adams, Cate Blanchett, Halle Berry, even Jessica Alba. Angelina Jolie adopted her first baby when she was in her twenties *and* she was a single mother.

  • Ashmiester says:

    And look what happened to her…

    Baby-free people are way cooler ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Joe Schmo says:

    Congrats to all involved: Natalie, Benjamin, their families and Avner’s local firearms dealer.

    Joe Schmo.

  • emoss says:

    Billion sorry 4 our bud & star stalker Clone & others including me lol…well i hope she’s not end up like Rachel Weisz preg + eng = separate {single mom} or like Susan Sarandon preg + living together + eng = separate {people around me who’s getting that way end up being single mom}

    About her career i think it’s gonna be like Gwyneth Paltrow not retire but also not very active…

    Anyway let’s see her unborn child look will ya?

    20 Years later when he’s gonna be in Lord of the Ring sequel

  • Kris says:

    Glad Natalie will join us in the parenthood fraternity. It does change your priorities quite alot (which was unfortunate for this site) but it’s so rewarding I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

    Congrats Nat! And if it’s a girl… may I introduce my drooling son Sam? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jenski says:

    While Natalie has always played the field I did always assume she’d be among the first of her generation to have a family. Shocking, to me, was ScarJo getting married first; did NOT see that one coming. Natalie? Makes sense to me.

    Peak actressing years are 30-45 these days. She’s at least 3 months along but I’m guessing closer to four or five. This will go on for at most another 6 months; she’ll maybe take off a year. Natalie’s career has mostly been one project a year or two if she’s more work-oriented.

    “HER CAREER IS OVER!!!!!!” What, like when she went to college and mostly only did those critical darlings Star Wars 1-3? Please. She can survive motherhood, people, if she can survive the SW prequels.

    Congrats to Natalie, and Benjamin. Hope they both have a great time becoming parents, and I they get what they want out of their careers. I hope people don’t start rude speculation like couples don’t get pregnant and married every single day, and I hope people don’t act like jerks once Natalie puts on weight. (Fat chance.) (…Ha!)

    And I hope that if Natalie and Benjamin do part ways one day that Ryan Gosling has no problem raising another man’s child.

  • jesslv74 says:

    I’m not necessarily saying it’ll ruin her career, just that I’m sad we won’t be seeing her for a while.

  • amo says:

    @TrainWreck I don’t think it’s too soon to go with Mr Nat ๐Ÿ™‚
    @#1NatPortfan people were laughing? Kind of glad I missed it at the time ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My instinct is that Nat won’t dissapear from acting significantly, but weren’t we all assuming she was going to back to her old routine of at least 3 months between movies, anyway?

  • #1NAtPortfan says:

    @AMO-If you read Dazza’s comment after mine you’ll see there was one who did.
    I don’t think Natalie’s career will be over with the birth of her son,and even if she does retire from movies i think she would pursuit a director career,so she will not retire from movies completely,but of course she will be missed,at least I would miss her.

  • clone says:

    I’m not worryed, I’m happy. plus you never know, celebs have gotten married to each other in life, and after years together, split.

    besides, i’m already hooked onto someone who is my padme already.

  • AC says:

    oh no !!!! I can’t believe it ! I never figure Natalie with a baby ! but I’m glad for her.

  • 3rd says:

    I’m a bit sad by the news in honesty. My crush for the last 13 years is going to be married and have a baby. I guess always hoped she would be a pepetual young adult. Or at least get married and have children at a later date. A much, much later date. Like fore example, when I was ready for her to (LOL).
    Congratulations to them both, but, sigh…

  • DavidK says:

    Any estimates as to how long the marriage will last? I’m betting four years or so. No more than six.

  • Ranbirman says:

    A BIG Congratulations to Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied… Good luck!!! :)…

  • nuria says:

    DavidK, I hope the marriage will last a very long time… but unfortunately I think that it won’t last more than five years? It just doesn’t look like a marriage that will go the distance, idk. Hope I’m wrong, in any case.

  • chandrasonic says:

    DavidK: dude, that’s fucked up. I, for one, am happy for her. Plus, the guy’s frenchman! Who knows? Maybe they’ll live in France.

  • DavidK says:

    Celebrities / the semi-idle rich are terrible for marriage, though. In real-life, it’s rare for a marriage to last less than a decade, but in showbiz most marriages are measured in months. We’ll see. I think Chris Rock said something about a man only being as faithful as his options…

    We shall see. I wonder if, if it’s a boy, they’ll arrange for a brit milah… No self-respecting Frenchman would allow his boy to be subjected to that. Makes me wonder whether we’ll find out if BM is Jewish.

  • Kornemuse says:

    NOOOO !!! OMG noooooo ๐Ÿ™

  • rockla says:

    I think that clone’s comment had me more speechless than the actual Natalie news hahah.

  • jesslv74 says:

    Nuria, you summed it up perfectly. That’s exactly how I felt (and still feel) when I read the news.

  • jesslv74 says:

    To nuria I meant this one…I think I saw another comment or two from you:

    “This is shocking. When I read it I actually gasped.

    What can I say, I feel kind of depressed – and for once I kind of know exactly why. An era has “ended”. Young, unattached, carefree Natalie is gone ๐Ÿ™‚ The girl of Leon, Star Wars, V for Vendetta, SNL skit, etc. she’s gone (or is going to be, anyway) – and for some reason this makes me kind of sad.

    I wish her all the best with her marriage and the new baby. I’ll admit it looks kind of awkward, this joint engagement+baby announcement. Still, I’m sure she’ll be an excellent, excellent mother.

    (Imagine if they were twins. Just kidding, just kidding :D)”

  • Godaime says:

    I was waiting for this for a long time…

  • teatray says:

    yes nuria, i feel the same!
    it’s the beggining of a new era for Nat fans too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Agie says:

    Pretty shocked and surprised at the beginning. But She’s already 29 years old, so
    Congratulations, Natalie!!!

  • Passerby says:

    Is she still smoking? Cause if she is, she needs to stop that right quick for the good of the child..

    Anyway, I once read about this scientist who wrote a book indicating how parents have MUCH LESS say in who their kids turn out to be than they think they do. It’s much more genetic.

    Not to be a wiseass, but if they have a son, I hope he turns out to be a meateating, motorcycle riding, karate nut republican gun owner. Oh, poor mom! LOL xD

  • PatrynXX says:

    Hmmm having a bit of pregnant fetish pics myself and that supposedly Natalie according to whoever it was talking to Winona that Nat is a bit perverted, maybe we’ll see half nude pregnant pix of Nat. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully better than Demi Moore style. Dominique Moceanu was pretty good. ๐Ÿ™‚ Monica Bellucci? both times oi.. plop..

  • PatrynXX says:

    don’t really care to find out who’s jewish and who’s not jewish. I’ve got a Cousin who’s half jewish, doesn’t consider herself jewish and is now engaged to a Hispanic. Like Father like Daughter I guess. My uncle pissed off a few like my dad by marrying someone who’s Jewish. Now My Cousin is marrying a Hispanic political activist. Should be interesting. Open minded folks don’t really pay attention to religion if they love the other person no matter what. Happen to be well duh big fans of at least three for years. one well yes duh. Winona Ryder, and Rachel Weisz. Among a dozen others which why I’m awake now I have no idea. Just really. How young was Jennifer Connelly when she had her first child? I didn’t even know. There wasn’t much internet back then. And she just turned 40. Which oddly she did this movie called Requiem for a Dream.

  • natalieportmanlover says:

    go for it love you will make a great mother im sure ben is really happy. happy new year to you both keep up what your doin for the new year and well done on the engagement and the baby.