Before the Golden Globes craziness, I thought I better knock out some smaller news items, before I completely forget to post them.

– Chris Yandek, of CYInterview.com, has interviewed Natalie’s Black Swan trainer, Mary Helen Bowers.

“Natalie is a beautiful dancer. She’s very gifted. I think that’s one of the reasons why we were able to come so far with her in our training. A year is a long time to train very intensively for a role, but if you consider that ballet dancers spend 10, 15 years building up to that same point, I think what she accomplished in a year on top of her regular life, she was working on other movies and other sets and training additionally with me for many hours a day. That was pretty incredible. So she really was leading the life of a ballerina on top of her regular life as an actress.”

– Have you heard of the Black Swan party game? Now you have. Rachel/Dazza

– Finally, Best In Film have a Natalie Portman Cheat Sheet…I didn’t even know we were going to be tested!