Aronofsky’s Acceptance Speech

By February 14, 2011Nat-news

Darren Aronofsky accepted Natalie’s Leading Actress award at last night’s BAFTA’s, and he used the opportunity to bestow Natalie with all kinds of praise.


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  • 3rd says:

    So proud of Natalie (as you’d expect), but I think having Darren accept the award on her behalf and having him say such beautiful things about her really makes the award that little bit more special. It becomes clearer and clearer to me that she is respected so completely amongst her peers and that makes me love her more.
    Looking forward to the Oscars now more than ever. Regardless of how it pans out I’m so grateful to Natalie for having provided me with such an exciting couple of months not to mention the 10+ years of having an idol that one can actually respect and admire to the fullest.
    Natalie, I cannot thank you enough.

  • dayanaportman says:


    Darren is so nice…I love him *-*

    Congrats Natalie

  • Mockingbird says:

    That was such a lovely speech from Darren 🙂