Get Hold Of Natalie’s Pants

By February 19, 2011Nat-news

Upper Deck are planning to release movie memorabilia cards that come with small pieces of worn items that Natalie (and Chris, ladies!) actually wore while filming Thor. This begs the question, will pieces that come from the crotch and ass area of her pants be worth more than those that come from the the bottom of the leg?

In all seriousness, this sounds like a parody news item…but it’s not. You can read a bit more about their classy plans over here.


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  • AnneRiddle says:

    Creepy much? O.o

  • natness says:

    Yes, I would sell my soul to get a piece from Natalie´s p…. area, so that I could extend my collection of female celebrities´ panties in my basement JUST KIDDING.

  • clone says:

    This isnt the first time she’s been a collector card,and it will be challenging to collect the set.

  • rkamidees says:

    I use to collect basketball cards and they would do this. It would be a part of the player’s Jersey or even the wood from the basketball court… so they say…

  • amo says:

    I can’t wait to get one of these. I’m going to take it off the card and sew in onto the little boys underwear I have with Amidala’s face on. So I have something even better to wear when watching Nat’s films.