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By February 27, 2011Nat-news

Back with some videos from yesterday’s Independent Spirit Awards.

Starting with Natalie’s acceptance speech for Best Actress. Look for No Strings Attached co-star, Greta Gerwig, who looks like she’s about to burst into rainbows at Natalie mentioning her name.

Then we have a brief interview with Natalie as she arrived.

And you might also be interested in Darren’s Best Director acceptance speech. He points out how well it turned out for those who invested in the film, and saves his biggest praise for Natalie.


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  • 3rd says:

    Correction: Back with some videos from *yesterday’s* Independent Spirit Awards.
    I’m a bit tipsy and very rudely wish to make you aware of your grammatical error. Apologies in advance for any offence.

  • dazza says:

    I don’t mind but it means you’re going to be doing a lot of work.

  • 3rd says:

    Ah jeez, turns out I was (and am) too drunk to even spell offense correctly. Please accept my humblest apologies.
    I think you all do an amazing job, for what it’s worth, Dazza/ Rachel/ et all, and I thank you for it, from the bottom of my pathetic heart.

  • Juan234 says:

    Nice scarf Darren. L.A. was like a frigid 60 degrees yesterday.

  • Carlotto says:

    ├╝ber lol at your Greta Gerwig comment

  • Portmania88 says:

    Beautiful videos guys! Thankyou!
    I’m a new member and i’m so excited to start my adventure here on the day of her Oscar glory.

    BTW, do you know how can I see the ceremony in streaming?? I couldn’t stand the possibility to miss the ceremony..I have to see it!!! Thanks

  • dazza says:

    Portmania, I know of a stream for the red carpet but not sure about the actual ceremony yet. However, keep an eye on the awards thread on the forum as it will surely be posted there.

    I’ll be heading off for a nap and back to live blog the ceremony for the site so make sure you guys all check back here as well and give me some company so I don’t fall asleep.

  • Nannina says:

    Portmania, it is very hard but possible to find a live stream of the Oscars. I tried to do it for the five years I was abroad for university and failed all but one (well one and I half, my first year I found a Dutch internet radio station that was streaming it with the commentators talking over it in Dutch… it was a fairly painful experience, but one I was sharing with a bunch of people on the IMDB message boards so that made it kind of fun in a masochistic kind of way). The last year I succeeded entirely though so it is possible. The best place to look is on the IMDb Oscar message boards, people will be posting links, not all of them will work (ABC really wants a lock on the Oscars), but good luck.

  • dazza says:

    I will turn my webcam towards my TV. But bare in mind I will be walking past to go to the kitchen fairly often, and I always blog naked.