More Natalie in Swedish Metro

Todays (friday) swedish edition of “Metro” doesn’t only have one but actually two Natalie features in the entertainment section!

First on page 2 an unmissable full page spread about Natalie and how she transformed into the character of Nina. It’s very generic stuff so not gonna translate it all but I liked this quote:

The physical discipline helped alot to find the emotional side of the character since you get to experience the convent-like lifestyle of a professional dancer. You don’t drink, don’t go out with your friends, always exposing your body to extreme pain. You understand the masochistic life of a dancer.

Then, to Clones delight, they mention the Oscar-curse of the “best female”-winners.

On lucky page 13 we have their review of the Black Swan, giving it 4 of 5 Metro globes. It’s mostly about Aronofskys use of generic tormented characters but ends with

But with the ending, which is as beautiful as it is sad, I forgive the director’s heavy use of symbolism, it’s that beautiful