More Galliano

I really enjoy Noah Forrest’s writing, and his new article on John Galliano expressed how I feel. I think it’s easy to take a position on either extreme, but Noah has a more conflicted middle ground position, where he is repulsed by what Galliano has done, but is still able to separate the artist from the art.

Natalie Portman has bravely made her feelings known loud and clear (and seriously, kudos to her for having the balls to speak out about it), but not everyone may feel that way.

In related news, Anne-Sohpie found an interesting bit of information from French paper Le Parisien. We know Natalie wasn’t happy with John Galliano, but nobody knew if that anger and disappointment extended towards Dior. Well, it looks as though Dior had to work hard to retain Natalie.

“It took an entire night of transatlantic phone calls and a lawyers deployment for Dior to keep its new muse, who is the star of its new advertising campaign which was about to start…two days later”