New Poll + Outfit Results

There are a lot of poll ideas clanking around my otherwise empty brain at the moment, but I think this one is the most pertinent. I want you guys to tell me who is the biggest villain of the moment?

John Galliano, Mike Huckabee or Charlie Sheen…even though Charlie has nothing to do with Natalie. Every poll needs a wildcard!

The “who is the douchiest douche of all?” poll

As for the previous poll, there was a lot of love for Natalie’s Academy and Spirit Award looks. But the winner was very clear – hit the jump to find out.


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A week ago I was shown this article but held off on it, as I didn't want it getting lost amongst all the Oscar hubbub. Oh, irony. In any case,…

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Box Office Update

The Black Swan DVD might be arriving soon, but the film is still hanging in at the box office. Three months (!!!) after release, the film still has the #15…

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New Wallpaper

It's great to have Carlotto back with a new piece of fanart. This piece is very unique. Gotta love the hangman doodle.

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