Your Highness Articles

Awise found a couple nice articles about Your Highness.

The New York Times article reveals that the budget was $50 million (might be a challenge to reach that domestically) and that Green and McBride first came up with the idea when they filmed indie (tear your heart of your chest) drama, All The Real Girls, in 2003.

“He always plays such jerks,” Ms. Portman said. “I was like, ‘Oh God, what’s it going to be like to work with this guy?’ But he’s so incredibly lovely.”

She said she was grateful for a role that was athletic as well as comic, allowing her to wield fearsome weapons and foul language traditionally reserved for male characters.

“I don’t know how I got this image of being this strait-laced girl,” she said.

As for a scene in which Ms. Portman conspicuously strips down to a thong bikini before bathing in a lake, she said, “Now being heavily pregnant, I’m glad it’s captured on film somewhere that I wasn’t always this size.”

Even more interesting comments after the jump.

The other article is from The Daily Mail via Female First.

On the joking around on set:

“Their dirty jokes made me laugh so much. I wasn’t outraged, although they were scandalous!

“However, there’s a time and a place for jokes and sometimes things are inappropriate – like first thing in the morning, like 5.00am – but I’m not too precious about that kind of thing.”

On why she doesn’t only want to do serious films:

She explained: “The big thing I’ve been wanting to do is not be snobby and just do prestige movies, because that’s really limiting – and it’s joyless to do those kind of movies all the time. I don’t want to fit into some mould of respectability.

“Meryl Streep doesn’t do the so-called ‘right’ kind of film all the time. Sometimes it’s just about having fun. I think it’s important to be irreverent and make a point of not meeting other people’s expectations.”

Finally, even though Natalie didn’t attend the Your Highness premiere, Danny McBride made sure she was completely absent.