Interivew Megapack

Natnat is so plugged into online news, I sometimes wonder if she actually is the internet. But putting aside questions of sentience, she found a bunch of interview video’s from Natalie’s Your Highness junket. Those video’s are after the jump, but before we get to them, here is an Access Hollywood clip, that Kool Kim found, in which Natalie talks about her body double…for Your Highness. Natalie doesn’t mention her name. Travesty!

Let’s kick off with Hollywood Dailies, which doesn’t have an embed code (boo!) but is just one click away.

On The Red Carpet split the interview into topics.

Babyness and marriage:

Your Highness:


Next up is Natalie and an excitable Good Day Sacramento crew.

Then she “dropped in” on San Diego 6.

Lastly, here’s an appearance on ET. It doesn’t play for me but hopefully you’ll have better luck.