Today’s tidbits are about Bryan Adams, Luc Besson and Natalie’s hair.

– Inspired by the new film, Hanna, The Playlist have put together a list of their favourite hitman films. No prizes for guessing what Natalie film made the cut.

– David Gordon Green is interviewed by The Playlist and talks about some of the things that might be on the DVD. I liked the sound of this, as it really was my jam when I was 14 or whatever.

There’s a scene I love that’s really funny that’s in the movie. It’s another song between Zooey and James and it’s modeled after the song, the music video from “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves”—“Everything I Do I Do It For You,” I think is the song. And I love that video, it’s hilarious. So there’s a montage in the middle of the movie where they break out into song and I didn’t want it to be a spoof. And it’s funny that it almost felt more like a skit than the tone of this movie, so we lifted it and it will be a great DVD extra.

InStyle have put together a list of their top 10 brunette’s and Natalie has made the cute, even though she hasn’t been a full on brunette for quite awhile. Much to my disappointment.

Portman owes her coppery brown shade to her good genes and the sun. “Natalie has natural golden highlights,” Robinson, her colorist, says. “You can replicate this by asking your colorist to only do a few highlights that are no more than two or three shades lighter than your own hair color.”