Cloud Atlas Shoots In September

The speculation has swirled around this project for ages. Natalie was apparently loosely attached at one point, with Halle Berry even mentioning that the film would shoot in the summer and that Natalie was on board. That may have been the case…or it may not, but clearly things have changed.

Tom Hanks is now attached to star and Hugo Weaving joined a couple days ago. Will a Natalie announcement be forthcoming? Anything’s possible, and the interest must surely be there as it’s one of Natalie’s favourite books. It would also mean re-teaming with Hugo, Tom Tykwer and the Wachowski’s.

Natalie will be sans baby in September and considering it will probably be a long shoot, with small fractured storylines, I guess Natalie COULD be squeezed in near the very end. But will she? I honestly don’t think so. She seems pretty committed to taking an extended break and contacts aren’t giving me any positive indicators either. But we live in hope, right?

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