There have been rumours that Sarah Lane’s stunt double tantrum might have been based on a friendship with Benjamin’s ballerina girlfriend before Natalie, Isabella Boyston.

Well Ted Casablanca has some pictures and evidence that Lane and Boyston have definitely danced together for years.

If true, and much like a lot of the facts about Ben and Isabella there isn’t really anything tangible to believe it is, wouldn’t that make Sarah out to be even more petty? To throw a film under the bus, that hundreds had worked on, because Ben left her friend? I don’t think that’s what Ted was going for.

A few months back we posted an article pointing out that there isn’t even any real evidence that Boyston is crushed, and the speculation that she is doesn’t do her any favours. Casablanca’s article makes it even worse, painting both woman out to be kind of pathetic and vindictive. I would hope that’s not the case.