Vegan Defends

After the vegan world freak out, for Natalie’s decision to go from vegan to vegetarian during her pregnancy, it’s nice to see a Vegan blogger speaking up in Natalie’s defense. She makes a salient point that the “drag her to the gallows” type of attitude is going to put off potential converts a hell of a lot more than what Natalie said. You can read the whole article here, and below is a small excerpt.

Portman isn’t telling people to load the kids into the minivan and hit McDonald’s for dinner. She’s telling people that, for now, she has decided to add eggs and dairy back into her diet. She’s still a vegetarian, she still promotes conscious eating and recognizing that what you choose to eat speaks volumes about what kinds of actions and policies you support and encourage.

Instead of attacking people who may not live up to the model of the “perfect” vegan, why not celebrate anyone who is willing to seriously explore these ideas, learn more about where the foods they eat come from, and make any kind of change for the better?