Here cometh a little bit of tids.

It’s official. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has a new director – Craig Gillespie. Here’s hoping 3rd time is the charm.

– Recently Natalie admitted that the shot of her character jumping into the lake in Your Highness, was a body double. The reason being, A list stars tend not to jump into freezing Irish lakes if they don’t have to. Here are some details about Natalie’s butt double. Let’s give her as much attention as we can, lest she appear on 20/20 just before Your Highness is about to hit DVD.

– Finally, Luc Besson seems like he was genuinely touched by Natalie’s thanking of him in her Oscar acceptance speech.

“I was very flattered,” he says. “It shows how exceptional she is. From 11 to 16, I was following every film she’d say yes or no to, because her parents were not in this business. I introduced her to her agent. You feel responsible when you put a 12-year-old in this business. She’s clever, though. At 16 she didn’t need my help any more.”