I hope you’re all treating your mothers well today. Below are a few articles about a soon to be mother. Happy reading.

The first article is an extended Q&A from the Marie Claire SA interview, where Natalie expressed not liking coffee. Below is an excerpt about her favourite cites.

What are your favourite cities in the United States?
New York and LA are obviously favourites. But Austin, Texas, is really special, along with Santa Fe and New Orleans. And I do love Cincinnati, where my grandmother now lives and my mother used to live when she was younger.

In Europe?
Paris and Berlin would probably be my favourites.

What about Asia?
I love the Japanese countryside. Tokyo is amazing, but it is a little too much for me. I would say the same about China where I love the rural areas most, such as Lijiang and Guilin.

This next article covers the gamut from Your Highness to Thor and even Black Swan. The excerpt below is about Handsomecharlie Films possibly being more of a focus post pregnancy.

“We have several things coming up we have Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, that will hopefully happen this year. We have Important Artifacts being written right now. We have a few things on the burners.”

Portman has also been writing scripts of her own on and off for years. She laughs at the mention of those: “Yeah, we’ll see how that progresses now that my brain has gone to fuzz.”

So, it’s true what they say about pregnancy brain?

“I don’t know. The one thing I know is that everyone’s different because the things I’ve experienced, my friends haven’t. And the things my friends have experienced, I haven’t. So I don’t know if it’s true, but I don’t feel quite as sharp as normal.”

Finally, some interesting quotes from this brief article.

She argued to The Sun’s Buzz Magazine: “Audrey made some good choices in life… More and more I realise how unimportant it is to be in the history books or anything like that. Putting time and energy into your children – that’s valuable.”

Despite drawing heavily from Hepburn’s career, Portman added that she has her own methods for achieving perfection on a film shoot.

She said: “If someone is being nasty on set, I lose my focus… Being kind and calm, that’s the discipline.”