Box Office Update + Best Buds

Let’s start with Thor. The weekend estimate is for $32 million, which would be a very encouraging hold of just 50 odd percent from the opening weekend numbers. Thor is benefiting from a lack of competition and will struggle next weekend when the new Pirates Of The Caribbean film opens. But it’s already on it’s way to $400 million worldwide, much to Marvel’s relief I’m sure.

There are no Hesher numbers yet, as it’s not in the top 10, but hopefully later on we’ll be able to see how well it’s doing on it’s 40 screens.

Buried in Deadline’s box office report, there’s a mention of Best Buds, the comedy script that Natalie co-wrote. It’s mentioned in the analysis for Bridesmaids.

Tipsters told me that the studios weren’t touching any new film comedies that featured women until they saw how Bridesmaids did. “And they’re hoping it tanks or at least does business they can put a negative spin on,” one source emailed. “Talk to Natalie Portman about the double-talk she’s enduring over Best Buds, a female stoner comedy she’s trying to set up. When Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler or Seth Rogen tank, there are no ramifications. It’s ugly out there.”