Still scraping that barrel. If you guys find anything news worthy, feel free to fire me an email because there’s not much out there right now.

Over here is a really interesting article about Natalie’s ballet trainer, Mary Helen Bowers.

The traveling and training with the actress was time-consuming. When she had to be out of town with Portman, she’d temporarily shut her New York City studio. Still, she wanted to keep the rest of the business going, so Bowers bought a MacBook and turned to technology.

She began to train her students — both individually in their homes and in small classes — using iChat, an instant text messaging system, which has video and audio conferencing capabilities.

– Someone has a suggestion for Natalie’s vegan destroying egg cravings during her pregnancy – eggs from hens who live a full life. And they only cost $50…per egg…and no, they’re not even golden.