The Ones That Got Away

Two films that Natalie was attached to, “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” and “Cloud Atlas”, are now moving ahead full steam.

Cloud Atlas, the adaptation of one of Natalie’s favourite novels, is being directed by former collaborators Tom Tykwer and The Wachowski’s. Tom Hanks, Hugo Weaving, Ben Whishaw, Halle Berry, Susan Sarandon and Jim Broadbent are on board. Natalie was loosely attached at one stage but the film will now shoot without her in Germany. Production begins in a few months and the film is set for an October 2012 release. It also has a $100 million budget and the writer of the novel seems quite high on what they’re doing with the material.

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies is also very much back on track, with the frankly awesome Emma Stone being offered the Elizabeth Bennett role that Natalie dropped out of. She’s such a great film and comic presence that my expectations for the film would immediately double if she signs on the dotted line. Natalie is still producing so let’s hope the project finally drags its ass into production. Read more at The Playlist.