A couple really cool little tidbits for you today.

– Anne Thompson’s Liz Taylor/Dick Burton poll ended and Natalie finished in first place with 24% of the vote. I had to laugh at Anne’s comment

…despite being completely out of the running until June 24, Natalie Portman surged to the top…

I think we may have stuffed the ballot box as our post went up on June 23rd. Sorry!

– We’ve talked a lot about movies that Natalie was linked or attached to, that went on without her. In fact, we’re even running a poll about two of those films right now. A film we haven’t mentioned for awhile is Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, which is now starring Sandra Bullock. Jeffrey Wells spoke to Guillermo del Toro at a party and, man, I really really REALLY wish Natalie had been able to do this film.

He said that Cuaron and dp Emmanuel Lubezki (a.k.a. “Chivo”) are again intending to push the cinematic envelope, although in a different way than they did with Children of Men.