July 26th 2013

Hitflix is reporting that that’s the date on which the Thor sequel will land. They also wonder if Natalie will be back for the sequel, but they fail to mention that she has already signed on for 3 films.

My first big question about a second Thor film is will they be able to get Natalie Portman back? Jane Foster is a big part of the mythology established by the first film, and while I think their love story was rushed in places and more obligatory than earned, there was some real heat between Portman and Hemsworth onscreen. Portman credibly sold the notion of a girl who realizes just how awesome it would be to have a boyfriend who also happens to be a Thunder God, and she managed to convey it with a couple of extra-randy smiles. If they do get her back, I think it would be fun to see how they could build on that chemistry, and I hope Oscar-winner Portman doesn’t get too snooty or too expensive to play superheroes again.

With filming probably only set to begin in 6-10 months, I can’t forsee there being any problems about Natalie returning. Hopefully we’ll get some confirmation on that in the coming months.