Park Play

By September 26, 2012Nat-news

The paparazzi snapped Natalie and Aleph enjoying some time at the park yesterday. This set has some really cute moments but Aleph is clearly visible and in some of the photos Natalie does not look best pleased.


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  • DMarek says:

    so lovely.. 🙂

  • AMSSERME says:

    Natalie is a great mother.These photos proves that she just can’t stay away long without Aleph.She took her son to her honeymoon at the West Indies because she couldn’t bear to be without her son.And she said that she would be very selective in her roles in order to spend more time with Aleph.It is reported that Aleph has changed Natalie’s life in a great way.I have no doubt Aleph will play a decisive role in determine the time Natalie will remain as actress.

  • Adonis says:

    Natalie – Aleph, what a great harmony – a truly impressive mother-son relationship!
         Here, this saying fits perfectly with the situation and dedicate it to Natalie. “My family is a wonderful place of power your energy and love strengthens me and I feel lifted in my family”

  • natty says:

    super lovely, she is a wonderful mother

  • natness says:

    Very hot pants and gorgeous legs. I´m so tempted to see this gallery, why must Aleph be in it and why has Natalie to be pissed off? Stupid paparazzi, show us this outfit in a magazine shoot Natalie!