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We’ve actually got a pretty decent batch for you today.

– Death Star PR have released another open letter to Natalie, this time congratulating her on the birth of her son. As with the last letter, it’s a really fun read.

– This Huffington Post piece features celebrities offering up some inspiring words about charity. Below is a quote from Natalie, which may be new…I’m not entirely sure myself. But if not new, it’s definitely worth repeating.

I think volunteering is the most fun thing… it can be really, really amazing and rewarding and meaningful…. Sometimes I feel like it’s more for me, you know? I mean, I’m not really helping them in any way near as much as they are helping me.

– Iza found the source of Benjamin’s baby comments from yesterday – French Elle. For those of us unfortunate to not speak the language, Iza says that Benjamin mentions how he enjoys sharing a dinner with Natalie after performances, and that she is helping him grow his appreciation for cinema.


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