Nobody Dies

Natalie is gracing the cover of the new Psychologies Magazine, which as strange as it sounds considering she got a psychology degree from Harvard. Music Rooms has a couple excerpts from the interview and I hope we can get the full interview soon because it looks as though it could be quite interesting.

“I go between confidence and insecurity all the time. I think I won’t be able to do something, but I’ll do it anyway, because I know that failing isn’t that bad,” she told Psychologies magazine.

“With my job, if I mess up, no-one dies.”

Although she has enjoyed a glittering film career, Natalie insists that she has endured harsh criticism. However, she refuses to let any negativity get her down.

“I didn’t get down on myself. I’m the type of person who takes criticism as a challenge to push myself harder and aim higher,” she added.