Nat Goes To Bollywood?

By August 22, 2011Nat-news

Ranbirman found a video link of a Bollywood news report, which mentions that Natalie (along with Eva Longoria and Pemelope Cruz) are being pursued to star opposite Aamur Khan in Dhoom 3. File this one under “un-bloody-likely”, but it might make for an interesting new poll topic later this week.


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  • jesslv74 says:

    Hahaha that was so repetitive…the woman doing the voiceover pretty much said the same thing about 3 times and the same pictures were shown over and over.

  • AMSSERME says:

    I don’t think Natalie or Penelope Cruz would be available,both are taking care of their babies.But Eva Longoria would be a good choice.However this film sequel is unknown to me.Is it a Sci-Fi movie or Action movie?

  • dazza says:

    Unless you follow Bollywood films yeah, it’s gonna be unknown.