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The new poll idea came to me when talking about the Bollywood film, Dhoom 3, looking to Natalie and other Hollywood actresses to make a casting splash.

I simply want to know whether you’d be down with Natalie joining a Bollywood production some day.

The Bollywood Poll

Chloe Moretz walked away with our young actor poll, almost doubling second placed Saoirse Ronan’s vote tally. The guys took a hammering and man, how did poor Kodi Smit-McPhee (who not only looks like he could be a relation of Natalie’s but, imo, outperformed Chloe Moretz in Let Me In) get only 2 votes?!?!

Results after the jump.

Which actor or actress would you like to see playing Natalie’s son/daughter or brother/sister in her next film?

Chloe Moretz – 26.8% (61 votes)

Saoirse Ronan – 15.4% (35 votes)

Dakota Fanning – 14.5% (33 votes)

Hailee Steinfeld – 13.6% (31 votes)

Elle Fanning – 11.4% (26 votes)

Abigail Breslin – 7% (16 votes)

Maisie Williams – 4.4% (10 votes)

Joel Courtney – 2.2% (5 votes)

Max Records – 1.8% (4 votes)

Dakota Blue Richards – 1.3% (3 votes)

Kodi Smit-McPhee – 0.9% (2 votes)

Isaac Hempstead Wright – 0.9% (2 votes)


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