Other Project Updates

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies is becoming the revolving door project. First Natalie was on to star and produce with David O. Russell writing and directing. A script was produced but a long time passed before Russell eventually left the directors chair and Natalie bowed out as well.

Then came Mike White but, faster than an Amazing Race, he left the project as well. Things appeared to finally be on track as the film has a leading man, Dominic Cooper and a start date of January. It also had Craig Gillespie seemingly very settled in the directors chair and he brought Marti Noxon on to tweak the script.

But he’s now also off the project. WTF is going on?

UPDATE – First Showing has a report that denies that Gillespie has left the project. Whew.

In other “project’s that Natalie was linked to” news, David Gordon Green is moving ahead with his ballet horror remake, Suspiria. You can read up on that, with a few Natalie mentions as well, over here.