Malick Tidbits

I’ve got some exclusive info on Knight of Cups and the second Terrence Malick film. None of it is massively exciting but I certainly appreciate any bit of info that helps pull back the curtain of these ultra secretive projects and hopefully you guys will feel the same.


– No surprise here but Christian Bale is the lead of Knight of Cups whereas Ryan Gosling is the lead of the second film.

– All the other roles vary between supporting and cameos.

– The actors, including Natalie, did not get to view the script. They didn’t know much beyond what I’ve just mentioned. It’s a total leap of faith for everyone involved and very unorthodox.

– Natalie will shoot for a total of one week on Knight of Cups, which means that her screen time is probably not going to be a juicy supporting role. Rather, it will be more of a cameo.

– No idea how many days she will be on set for the second film.

Hopefully that second role will be more substantial but hell, as long as the films and her scenes are strong it shouldn’t matter too much. A cameo as memorable as her brief turn in Cold Mountain wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, would it?