New Poll + Superhero Comment Results

New poll time and today I want to see how you guys feel about the director of Monster, Patty Jenkins, possibly directing Natalie in Thor 2.

The Patty Jenkins Poll

I was quite surprised by the results of the superhero poll. The pragmatic answer won out, but I didn’t expect only 10% of you guys would hope Natalie changes her mind and does play a superhero. Personally, I was in the “hope she doesn’t change her mind” camp, although, for the right project/director…

Check out the results after the jump.

Natalie isn’t keen to play a superhero but how do you feel about it?

My opinion would depend on the details of the project. – 40.9% (61 votes)

It’s her career so whatever she thinks is best. – 29.5% (44 votes)

I really hope she doesn’t change her mind. – 19.5% (29 votes)

I really hope she changes her mind. – 10.1% (15 votes)