weekend treats


This update has a bit of everything so pay close attention, there may be a quiz later.

Let’s begin with the good news that Californians will be able to view Hotel Chevalier from the 14-16th of September. Click here for the details of where its playing. Thanks to Jenski.

Speaking of Hotel Chevalier, I have added it to the filmography. Rock!

Moving along, I promised you a kickass poll and don’t I always deliver on my promises? Don’t answer that!

Get Voting!

Here are the results of the previous poll:

The Wizard of Oz project sounds…

Promising if the right people are involed. 34.5% (178 votes)

Like BS to me. 27.91% (144 votes)

Utterly retarded. 27.71% (143 votes)

Absolutely awesome. 8.91% (46 votes)

Next up are a couple of Hi Res versions of Nat at Ely Cathedral. Click here and here. Thanks to Papari.

And finally, just in case its been keeping some people up at night, Pasha found a personal blog that confirms that Natalie was in the Maldives with her makeup artist Jeanine Lobell and her husband Anthony “ER” Edwards. I’m not going to link to the blog for various reasons.

That’s it for now.