New Poll + In The Garden Of Beasts Results

Today’s poll was a no brainer. It’s the hairy topic on everybody’s lips…the conversation mustache if you will. Hit the link below and let us know what you think.

So how about that blonde hair huh?

By the way, in case you didn’t see the comments section, I was able to get confirmation that the blonde look is for the new Malick film.

As for the last poll, you guys are hugely in favour of Natalie getting into bed with some Nazi’s in the potential new project with Tom Hanks. However a quarter of voters cop to the fact that they’re excited about any Natalie film.

Results are a click away…

Would you like to see Natalie take the daughter role for In The Garden Of Beasts?

Yes, it could be powerful if done right. – 43.9% (79 votes)

I don’t care what the project is about because I’m excited about all Natalie films. – 24.4% (44 votes)

Yes, I love everything about it. – 18.9% (34 votes)

No, I sense a flop. – 4.4% (8 votes)

No, a bit too heavy for my tastes. – 3.9% (7 votes)