Just another quick update with some more great additions.

Thierry sent over a couple youtube clips from Natalie Portman’s FINCA video diary (I assume this is the documentary that was mentioned, or at least part of it).

Link 1
Link 2

We also have a new gallery up featuring Nat shopping in West Village yesterday. Thanks to Cherryvanilla.

Ciao for now


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  • Sak says:

    Great find but huge video lag. I hope we manage to get our hands to the entire thing in a better quality.

  • plop says:

    Wow. Videos from finca, video from interview, lots of galleries… and another comic¡¡¡ What an update.
    I have read lates days comments and… my favorite Nat’s hair style is the one in… the West village Shopping¡¡¡

  • lohr says:

    The video has been taken off…somebody have another link? THANKS

  • clone says:

    good pictures of natalie still in NY. she is in fact wearing the same clothes I’ve worn during summer one day this year.