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Today’s dose of mini updates takes us from Blake Lively to Black Swan to…well, that’s it actually.

– In September we mentioneded that Blake Lively was being offered the lead in Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, a part that Natalie was attached to for a long time and a film that she’s still producing in some capacity. Well, the list of people who have passed on this project keeps getting longer, as Blake also passed on the project a couple weeks ago (and I forgot to mention it). Alright, who’s next?

– Then Amo found an article about a ballerina that worked on Black Swan. She was going to be Natalie’s double, and did all the dancing for a recording that Natalie then studied and practiced with, but had to pull out when production was delayed. What a pity that didn’t work out and they had to use “she who shall not be named”.

“Later, I met Natalie Portman and she was very nice,” Tiler said. “She told me how much she appreciated being able to use my videos.”


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