I had something cool planned for today but this morning I lost my dog of 14 years, so I’m going to hold off on that update for a day or two. Instead, here are some mini updates, which are cool in their own right.

– Natalie has been named as one of the Jewish Daily Forward 50, a list of 50 influential Jewish Americans.

– Famous (so famous I actually know who he is) ballet dancer, Mikhail gave some Black Swan thoughts in this extensive interview. Sounds like he wanted something a bit more realistic.

“I didn’t like it, but you know it’s a kitsch kind of … it’s kind of a cult film. It’s nothing to do with any reality. Natalie [Portman] is lovely, she is a good actress, but it’s not serious.”

– And finally, Kristen Stewart admits that Natalie was her first crush. She’s no stranger to expressing her Natalie fandom, so this is hardly a surprise at this point. But still very cute.